Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flex Your Singing Muscle "RULES":

Welcome to Flex your Singing Muscle!

A Free site where Singers can showcase their talent while competing in fun Song challenges each month.

Whether you are a beginning singer or an award winning Superstar this site is the perfect tool to make yourself even better!

If you don't sing then this site is PERFECT for you! You can watch these talented singers try to get discovered. Remember the Voting will be up to anyone who visits this site! That means YOU!!!!!!!

The rules are simple:

***Before reading the Rules please become a "FAN" of this site. Just click on "Follow This Blog" in the upper right hand section.***


1) Every Month you will be given a different short song/tune to learn. (posted on this site) Most of these songs will be very familiar to everyone.

2) Film yourself doing the short song and convert your scene over to a youtube file.

3) Post your filmed song on youtube with the heading: Contest "with song title." (The Second Song Challenge will be "Pride")

***Do not send your filmed Songs to us. Only post it on Youtube.** Our Judges will be going onto Youtube specifically to look for your Song with the specific title***

4) Come back to this site to see the top 5 or 10 songs (depending on the # of submissions) decided by our secret panel.

5) From there everyone who visits the site will be the ULTIMATE JUDGE and WILL VOTE ON WHO THEY THINK DESERVES THE TITLE OF "AWARD WINNING SINGER" for that month.

Under each filmed SONG will be a "Thumb Up" voting box.

The Song with the most "Thumb up" Votes will WIN for that month!!!!

We will keep the winning song, from each month, up on our site until the end of the year! FANTASTIC EXPOSURE!!!

AT THAT POINT WE WILL HAVE ALL The Winning Songs, from each month, compete against each other in a Bracket Tournament and will AWARD THE YEAR'S MOST POPULAR FILMED SONG "BRAGGING RIGHTS" FOR ETERNITY PLUS A NICE PRIZE PACKAGE!!!! THE VOTERS WILL BE YOU!!!!!

Think of it as, "MUSIC Award Season meets NFL Playoffs"!!!!

***Please do not email me your submissions. Post them on Youtube and our judges will seek out the best of the best.***

(remember we will be including Singers of ALL talent levels)


Isn't it time you get discovered?

Check back often to find out and be ready to SING IT!!!!!!